An evening with an elevated experience 


Teaching the art of love, sexual seduction & sensuality 

Enjoy a night out like never before with your partner, a friend or solo..  

A special session privately or in a group class, teaching an erotic experience between two partners, demonstrating the art of seduction & sensuality in the form of touch & massage. 

Do you want to relax your mind body and soul? Look no further, let me help you experience the feeling of being nurtured and empowered I will bring you to full balance through the power of natural energetic healing.
To be able to wake up and help people is really the greatest thing I could have asked for....
 in my years of practicing I have created my own technique, I do offer more of a tantric healing to my sessions... what is tantric healing??
Tantric Healing consists of a combination of ancient tantra healing arts and modern psychology, completed with conscious communication and a focus on inner union. Working towards inner union is a journey to wholeness and expansion, where one heals and embraces aspects within oneself instead of searching for them in the form of an ideal or perfect partner. 

This not only creates a more diverse and free experience of life, but also supports your partner in being more authentic and creates healthier intimate relationships.
It can simply be the experience of a massage where nothing is expected or wanted from you. That is the point, to relax into being and be in the present moment, and experience life when energy is allowed to flow freely without any goals.


Class pricing 

Couples: $300
FWB: $300
Solo: $200

Note: All incall classes are held in a private upscale home.
Outcall classes (your home) must be specified. 

ll ticket prices for incall classes include free food and drinks. Must be over 21 to attend with photo ID

Q: who will be massaging me &/or my spouse ?
 A: You will be practicing & demonstrating on each other with the help of the tantric teachers.  unless you are solo, then it will be the provider that you book with 

Q: My wife or husband cant seem to open up or free herself/himself sexually & spiritually, how do I know this class is best for me? 
A: I cant tell you what can work but I can show you what to try, & I can promise this is nothing like you've done before & something you will never look back on to regret. so much to discuss, what's the harm in trying?.

 Q: In the open class am I nude around others? 

A: yes, the point is to be completely free & comfortable with yourself and let your partner keep you safe. there is an option of a silk cloth or sheer scarf but hopefully not needed. 

Q: What is Incall & Outcall classes. 

A: incall is where you will book a private or open class session with me in the location that would be given upon booking approval. large classes (5 couples) will be served food and drinks & you must be over 21
Outcall is where I and if requested, another therapist comes to your home to prepare a class for you in the comfort of your home. we do provide bottle service of champagne or wine.  

Q: Can I book a solo teaching/massage so I can maybe get more of an idea of what this is or even see if this is something I want to explore farther? 

A: I encourage this. You gotta try something twice to make sure you really want it or not... right?